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We get many requests from visitors who want to visit the haunted hot spots of Washington DC and its outskirts, so on this page we'll give you some places to visit that are reputed to be haunted. We want to offer you some places to visit along with Washington DC. We will also be adding to this page as we get more information.

A hop across the Potomac will take you to Alexandria in Northern Virginia. Just on the outskirts of the District there are plenty of stories of lost loves, Civil War battles, and the occasional haunt from an unsolved murder.

DCMAG will continue to investigate these great places with formal permission from clients and owners, and we never advise going to these places without permission from the proper authorities. 

Most pics were taken by DCMAG's former Chief Photographer Andy Morataya, and the others were loaned to us by the store owners.


DCMAG recently completed 2 investigations in the central Virginia area. We did have some interesting experiences and collected some good EVP's, however all evidence in these cases have been withheld due to our clients concerns. We wish them the best and we will be there for them if needed in the future. 

Winchester, Virginia
Picture courtesy of Google.com

DCMAG recently completed an aggressive haunting case at a private residence near Winchester, Virginia. All evidence is currently being reviewed at this time and will be released with the permission of our clients. We would like to thank the family for allowing us into their home and we will continue to help them in the future.  

Richmond, Virginia
Picture courtesy of Google.com

DCMAG recently went to Richmond, Virginia to complete an aggressive private residence case in where the family was being physically assaulted. We received strong evidence to this fact and we will help the family further to resolve these issues. Here is one of the EVP's recorded on the case:



DCMAG completed a 2 day investigation of a civil war jail and Courthouse on 29 & 30 Aug 2008. This was the anniversary of a famous murder at the prison. Please check out two of our many EVP's that we have discovered at this site, listed below.

"Get out, Get out of here"

Don't turn out the lights

Williams Ordinary 2008

DCMAG would like to thank Brendon of the Prince William County Historic Society for allowing us to investigate Williams Ordinary. There were many interesting experiences and we can certainly say that this old building is not ordinary at all.


Carlyle House, Alexandria

We spent an evening last February investigating the Carlyle House. Three mysterious deaths occurred on the property between the late 1870s and early 1900s. The building was part of a hotel the turn of the last century, and fell into disrepair over the decades, but now serves as a museum. Footsteps and strange noises are occurrances there, but the haunting is very subtle.

Old Town Theater, Alexandria


One of the odd occurrences about the theater is the dancing orb in the set of seats to the right of the projection booth. Nothing is seen with the naked eye, but the orb shows up in pictures in roughly the same place.
There are also reports of giggling and even staff members getting pinched in the projection booth.


The Historic Bailiwick Inn, Fairfax

The inn is the perfect place for a couple who loves ghosts and want to get away for the weekend! There have been at least three apparitions seen, cold spots, mysterious water spots and doors slamming in the building which are quite common.


The Christmas Attic, Alexandria

photo courtesy Eric Nuzum

Boom mike audio

Recent Investigation:
Last Friday at the Christmas Attic on Union Street we had a strange occurrance with an odd bell ringing sound.  The spirit bell was hanging downstairs, and no one was on that floor.  Here Al & Chief Op. John try to re-inact it. The sound was picked on the reporter's boom mike as well! Thanks again to Eric and Tyler for accompaning us.

Legend says the Christmas Attic is haunted by a sea captain, but DCMAG agent Alvin saw the ghost, and his style dates much later. He's known to touch female employees and customers on the shoulder and stroke their hair, and tangles up the Christmas lights.


House in the Country Christmas Store, Alexandria

Laura was horribly burned to death in 1868, just days before her wedding. Since then she has haunted this location on Fairfax and King. Two DCMAG members have heard her say "Hello", and once a battery-powered christmas stocking started flashing while we were conducting EVP's. Stop in and say Hello to Laura, shes a very sweet ghost.


The Occoquan Inn, Occoquan

Legend has it an Indian Chief haunts the restaurant. Activity is especially predominant in the ladies' restroom upstairs. Trustee Andy has been there several times, and caught the apparition on film.