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DCMAG also does the Metro section of Maryland and occasionally ventures out to historal places when invited.  This page will be devoted to some of the historical places DCMAG has been invited to officially investigate:

Picture courtesy of Google.com

DCMAG recently completed a private residence case near Baltimore. We would like to thank the family for allowing us to come out and investigate and we wish them well in the future. We will always be a phone call away if they need our assistance in the future. Here are 2 of the EVP's recorded from the investigation: 



La Cle' D' Or Guesthouse
Picture courtesy of Jeff Dalton (DCMAG)

DCMAG recently investigated the "La Cle' D' Or Guesthouse" in Havre D' Grace Maryland after multiple reports of paranormal activity. We did have a few interesting experiences and we would like to thank Mr. Browning and the staff for all their help and support. Please check out their website at www.lacledorguesthouse.com to get information on reserving the house while on vacation.  Here is one of the EVP's listed below.



DCMAG recently investigated a private residence near Ellicott City, Md. where a malevolent inhuman spirit was physically and psychologically attacking a family. This is an ongoing case and we will continue to help this family in every way possible.

Historical Ellicott City Museum

DCMAG recently investigated the old "Ellicott City Museum and Library". The building was very interesting with a large amount of historical artifacts. We did have a few subjective experiences but little objective findings to report at this time. A special thanks to Karen for allowing us to investigate.

DCMAG Investigates the "Diamondback Tavern"

Diamondback Tavern

On 11 Feb 09, DCMAG investigated the "Diamondback Tavern" for paranormal activity after reports of unusual occurences by the tavern staff. A special thanks to Mike and the entire staff for allowing us to complete this investigation. Here are a few of the EVP's listed below:

"Male Voice ?"

"Female Voice ?"


"Help Me"

Ellicott City Firehouse

DCMAG Recently completed an investigation of the Ellicott City Firehouse on 09 Aug 2008. The old firehouse was all quiet on this night with no unusal experiences or any objective findings.

Private Residence Case
DCMAG recently completed a private residence case out in Frederick County where a young boy was having some problems. We are glad to say that after the investigation, he is much more at ease with the situation at home.

Patapsco Female Institute

Patapsco Female Institute:

"DCMAG would like to thank Jacquelyn Galke and the Patapsco Female Institute for their support in our latest investigation. We are currently reviewing all material at this time and should have some answers shortly."


Judge's Bench Saloon:
John and the DCMAG staff would like to extend a huge thank you to the Staff at Judges' Bench Saloon for allowing DCMAG to formally investigate the tavern/restaurant.  An investigation summary will be posted by John soon.
DCMAG is getting very full with Investigations, since we're moving closer to fall.  John has been lining up some great places and making some excellent contacts.  So if you would like the team to come out to investigate, email John in a timely manner.


John Brown House
We just finished our latest overnight investigation at the John Brown House.  A multitude of thanks goes to Bob Gallienne, our trusted friend.  It was great to work with him again.  With Barry over from Ireland we completed three investigatons in one weekend, finishing off with John Brown's home.  We discovered there was a lot of restless activity in the old tavern behind the bar as well.