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Due to a high volume of requests last year, we have decided to add a page for all people who are looking for DC area "Ghosts Tours" for the upcoming Halloween season. DCMAG does not guarantee that any of these tours have legitimate hauntings as we have not investigated many of these sites, but we do like to "let our hair down" every once in a while and just enjoy a good ghost story. I hope you enjoy and "Happy Halloween". DCMAG Staff.


Harper's Ferry Ghost Tours

This walking "Ghost Tour" created by Shirley Dougherty over 30 years ago is full of great stories and fun. This is by far one of the best tours I have been on and is fairly cheap in price. I highly recommend it. For more information please visit their website listed above.

** Recommendations: try  to arrive prior to sundown to enjoy the beautiful West Virginia sceanery and maybe a bite to eat.


Alexandria Ghost Tours

This great Ghost Tour near downtown D.C. is fun for the entire family, but remember, there are 3 different routes to choose from on these tours. Please visit their website listed above.

** Recommendations: Try to arrive a little early as traffic and parking can sometimes be a small problem.


Ellicott City Ghost Tours

Another great Ghost Tour to attend is in Ellicott City, Maryland. This small town is considered by many Marylanders to be one of the most haunted towns in the state. It has now added an extra tour to it's schedule due to it's popularity. To schedule a tour and further info, please check out their website listed above.

** Recommendations: There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance, so make sure you come hungry. Also there are plenty of antique shops for those interested.